The study program curriculum is compiled and distributed into 8 semesters with a weight of 148 credits. The Agricultural Engineering Study Program consists of 87.84% main competencies, totaling 61 courses equivalent to 130 credits. National identifier competence three courses equivalent to 6 credits, University identifier 5.41% for 4 courses or 8 credits. Meanwhile, the 2.70% faculty feature consists of 2 courses equivalent to 4 credits.

The study program updates the curriculum every 4 years involving internal, external stakeholders, and is reviewed by experts in the field of study program/association, industry in accordance with the development of science and technology and the needs of graduate users.

The mechanism for compiling, evaluating and updating the Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering curriculum is carried out on the basis of changes in the vision and mission of Syiah Kuala University and the guidelines for compiling the 2016 Syiah Kuala University curriculum and the revision of the 2020 Syiah Kuala University curriculum drafting guidelines. Curriculum preparation was also carried out on the basis of the findings of the Internal Quality Audit related to strengthening the KKNI curriculum based on PLO.

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